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Thank you for visiting Between Two Barrels!  This site is run by me, Robert Gunn, with help from my “tasting partners” (this is what professionals say instead of drinking buddies), Andrew and Michael.  We will be updating this site with a new review any time we get a bottle of something worth talking about, probably every week or so.  We do like to drink…

The reviews on Between Two Barrels will almost exclusively be of American Bourbon and Rye, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we slipped in some Tennessee Whiskey or even something CRAZY like Canadian Whiskey every once in a while.  I think I’ll leave the Scotch and Irish Whiskey to the experts in their fields though.

We will try to be as honest as possible in our impressions of the drink.  Not everyone will agree with us, nor should they.  One of my favorite things about the world of whiskey is that everybody gets something different out of it.  Someone once told me Woodford Reserve Double Oaked reminded them of kindergarten and tasted a bit like Skittles, so you see my point.  It’s all about your experience with your drink, and remember–try to enjoy it!

The goal with this site is to not just tell you what a certain whiskey tastes like–there are a thousands sites out there right now doing that–but to try to put it in context in the meta-game of the quickly growing bourbon industry these days.  I try to answer the question “what does this whiskey MEAN right now?”  But the main goal of the site is to get people excited about my favorite drink in the world, American Bourbon.

All photos were taken by me, Robert, and you are welcome to use them for non-commercial purposes, but please ask first and give me photo cred if ya please.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Robert, I visited your Mom and Dad in Macon yesterday and they told me about your blog. Really enjoyed browsing some of the reviews this morning. I’m a rye fan and have most of the ryes you’ve reviewed (including the Saz). I’ll give you a suggestion. Lot 40. Technically a Canadian but 100% rye. Recommended to me at Holman and Finch bottle shop in Atlanta. Little pricey but I think it’s the best I have.

    I’ll keep reading.

    Terry Wingfield – Athens

    1. Awesome, thanks for reading Terry! I’ll definitely give the Lot 40 a shot…I haven’t seen it in a while but will try to grab a bottle next time I do find it. I absolutely love 100% rye so I’m sure I’ll love it. So glad you got to see my folks for a little bit, they told me they were really happy to see y’all.

  2. Robert your mother sent me to this site today after I posted a picture of my first fall bourbon. My liquor of choice changes with the seasons but I do look forward to fall for this reason. Looking forward to learning more about your blog. I’m not a bourbon snob though I can sing it’s praises loud when dimwitted bartenders pretend to allow substitutes; especially the dreaded mash from Lynchburg. I remember in 1987 taking two Yankee friends to Keen’s Chop House in New York City for a bourbon tasting. It seemed to be a time when the single barrel stuff was just hitting the shelves. Left the restaurant with two converts stumbling down 35th st. It was a good day.

  3. I miss seeing continuation of your reviews. You and I were closely aligned regarding bourbon and rye preferences.

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