Eagle Rare 10 Year

Eagle Rare 10 Year

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Single Barrel

90 Proof

The now ubiquitous Eagle Rare has become a household name, I mean in households where people drink a lot of great whiskey of course.  But after winning several awards this bourbon has become one of the most popular out there, and for good reason.  It’s a killer, ten-year old whiskey for 30 bucks, what’s not to like?  The answer is…nothing…everything about it is GREAT!

If you are one of my devoted readers/discerning drunks you know that I am all about some Buffalo Trace distillate.  I think they make some of the best stuff around, and Eagle Rare is a great example of the things they do best.  Eagle Rare is a product of Buffalo Trace’s Mash Bill #1 (the low rye one), and this is probably their most balanced, smooth offering, one I would recommend to anyone who is interested in starting to taste bourbon.  The nose has all the sweetness a newbie (and many a seasoned whiskey drinker) loves, my friend Andrew describes it as “fairgrounds sweet,” which is an accurate and awesome descriptor.  You definitely get those caramel, confectioner’s sugar, and almost cotton candy notes, plus sweet corn pudding. We even all got “pound cake” in a group tasting of this.  Yum.  All this sweet is balanced nicely by oak and subtle tobacco, smells as mature as it is.  I will say this isn’t the most exciting nose in BT’s collection, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be.  This one is all about balance.

Sipping Eagle Rare, my first impression is always “wow, that’s super smooth.”  While I love a good Bottled-In-Bond and even Cask Strength Whiskey, sometimes 90 proof seems like the perfect sweet spot.  You can actually taste everything going on in the glass without adding a drop of water, and it’s so dang easy to drink.  And this is a palate you want to taste every piece of…not that it’s a very complex bourbon, but what is there is super rich and bold.  I get honey (but more earthy really, like honeycomb), oak, brown sugar, nuttiness–lots of “brown” flavors.  Finishes crazy smooth, a little smokey and dry, pretty long finish.

It’s funny, I don’t drink a lot of Eagle Rare, in fact I prefer the normal Buffalo Trace Bourbon to Eagle Rare if I’m just session-sipping at home, mainly because I absolutely love the nose on that one (Eagle Rare lacks the fruitiness on the nose that many BT whiskeys have).  I don’t disagree that this is the better product though, and one that I’m sure is the go-to for many bourbon drinkers across the country, for good reason.  If you like bourbon there’s no reason to not have a bottle of this in-house at all times.  Get it while it’s hot–this is one I expect we will see a price increase of this year, and I wouldn’t be too shocked if it started being harder to find based on rising demand for affordable, super awesome whiskey.

One tiny gripe–the 1.75L bottling of this, while a great value, is bottled in an oversize version of this bottle (super tall rather than fat and round), and is pretty hard to pour.  I’d love to see them rethink this bottle shape!

Rating: 9.0 / 10

Purchased at J’s Bottle Shop in Athens, GA for $29.99.

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  1. Just bought a bottle of Eagle Rare in Australia for $79, probably my favourite Bourbon as well as the Buffalo Trace Bourbon but dam we are gettin hit hard for the price ,loathed too pay it but it is great Bourbon, like to have one open and one in reserve

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