Ridgemont Reserve 1792

Ridgemont Reserve 1792

93.7 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon

I had to pick something to be my first review for this site, and this bottle seemed like a good place to start.  This was the bourbon that got me drinking bourbon.  I tried all sorts of whiskey before, mostly cheap, mostly Tennessee, and mostly mixed with something else, but never really cared much about which one it was as long as it got the job done.  But years ago in my early twenties I picked up a bottle of this on sale (I remember it used to always be on sale for $19.99 in Athens, GA, unreal), and I decided to try drinking whiskey neat for the first time.  I could not have been happier with my choice.

Tasting Notes: Beautiful nose, up front I get Rye and hint of Cinnamon, then sweetness of Vanilla and Banana and Strawberries, I’m loving it.  I get the reverse on the palate–sweet Vanilla and Honey for a second and then BAM RYE IN YOUR FACE and a good bit of oak.  And then it’s over before I know it!  Lovely while it lasts, but a pretty short finish, though that rye spice lingers longer than anything else.

Now that I know more about what I’m drinking, I’m surprised I originally liked this one as much as I did.  It’s not exactly a beginner’s whiskey, a little too spicy and not super smooth, but it sure did convert me.  This is the fourth time I’ve revisited a bottle of this since I “got into” whiskey.  It’s nice to have a whiskey like that, something you can go back to and see how your palate has changed, how your personal preferences have changed…or perhaps how the bourbon itself has changed–you never know how the brand will evolve.  This will not be the last bottle I buy!

Rating 8.7

Bought at J’s Bottle Shop in Athens, GA for $23.99 (though it’s $30 most places)

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