Sazerac Rye

Sazerac Rye

6 Year Straight Rye Whiskey

90 Proof

Sometimes referred to as “Baby Saz,” this is the younger brother of Buffalo Trace’s Sazerac 18 Year Old Rye, which I have never laid eyes on in my entire life because I live in a place where it is difficult to get great, limited stock whiskey.  Even Sazerac 6 Year is out of stock everywhere at the moment.  A local craft cocktail lounge in Asheville told me they were only able to get 2 bottles of it from the distributors this year when it was released–everyone wants it that much.  So how happy was I when on my birthday (yep, seriously) I stumbled upon 4 bottles of it at a random liquor store out of town?  So happy that I BOUGHT THEM ALL.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.  Now I have either Christmas gifts for friends or a ton of awesome rye for myself, haven’t decided yet.  I can’t even tell you the name of the store or where it was because it is THE diamond in the rough store and now my favorite secret spot–a hole in the wall joint that has no idea how good of a selection it has, and the people who live there don’t care about it either it seems because the shelves are littered with bottles of under-priced, high-end, rare whiskey, and a stupid amount of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum–go figure.

Anyway, I’m stoked.  Now let’s drink.  Sazerac has an absolutely classic rye nose, classic meaning all the requisite notes are there that everyone talks about with rye (floral notes, pepper, vanilla, caraway, other baking spices, smells sweet and spicy basically), and nothing out of the ordinary is upsetting those notes (though I’m picking up apple too that really compliments it, can’t wait to sip!).  Very balanced, as is to be expected with a Buffalo Trace product.  I even said when I first sat down with this drink, “man, that’s such a Buffalo Trace nose.”  That’s how much of a nerd/badass I am, you pick.  What’s interesting about this rye is that it’s really not that spicy or hot.  You know how awesome Rittenhouse is and how it kinda blows your palate away it’s so great, this is kinda the opposite, but not in a bad way.  It’s super mellow, super flavorful, and could probably be the death of me (read: too easy to drink).  Honey, citrus, sweet mint, and flowers come to mind right away, finishing with subtle spice and more subtle oak, both almost negligible and could easily be ignored.  Smooth as something that is just crazy smooth.  The lack of oak almost makes me question whether this is really a 6-year-old rye.  There isn’t an age statement on the bottle but everyone always calls this a 6-year–the world may never know.

This is the rye that I would give to someone who asked me what rye tasted like.  Makes a great birthday present!

Rating: 8.8 / 10

Bought at a secret liquor store in a secret place full of secrets for $29.99

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