Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bottled 11.21.13

Warehouse N, Rick #1, Barrel 17

101 Proof

Aged 8.5 – 9.5 Years

So here we have the Single Barrel older brother of Wild Turkey’s big hitter, Wild Turkey 101.  The normal 101 is a great whiskey, made in batches from 6, 7, and 8 year whiskies, consistent and solid.  I hope to do a comparison of the 101 vs Kentucky Spirit eventually, but I don’t have a bottle of 101 right now so this is what you got.

Shopping for booze, I’m often brought back to the “single barrel dilemma.” How do you judge a single barrel bottle?…is this bottle representative of the bottle my friend has? of the one right behind it at the store? of the Kentucky Spirit expression in general?   How to write a definitive review on it?  While of course there will be differences bottle to bottle, we have to assume that Jimmy “The Muscle” Russell (no one actually calls him that) knows what he’s doing and has selected these barrels to be put under the Kentucky Spirit label for a reason, that he feels they share qualities and are representative of some of the best stuff Wild Turkey has to offer.  Either way, take every review you read of a single barrel product lightly, you really won’t know what you are getting until you open one up for yourself.  But for the most part, the single barrel releases coming out from all the reputable bourbon producers are all very, very good.

Kentucky Spirit comes in a beautiful bottle, reminiscent of a turkey, and the whiskey has a nice caramel color that looks beautiful in this packaging.

On the nose I get toffee, vanilla, leather, and firewood sitting next to an unlit fireplace.  That’s a smell, if you didn’t know.  Tasting it I get lots of wood, a little rye and orange, demerara sugar, and a tingling mint.  It’s very dry, a “man’s bourbon,” I can imagine someone saying.  Medium bodied, just a little chewy.  Finishes dry, oaky, medium length.

Not 100 percent blown away by this bottle, but I am interested to try another barrel to see the difference.  It’s a no frills, 101 proof single barrel, can’t complain about that.  While I myself have been known to dabble in frills (i.e. my hunt for the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection), I really appreciate a straight forward drink like this.  Keep it up Jimmy, give me five more years come on!

Rating: 7.9 / 10

Bought at Total Wine & More in Greenville, SC for $43.99

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